Version Update (15.03.2018)

The program was translated into 104 languages.

When modeling with the shift key pressed on the keyboard, the element is drawn in ortho mode (horizontal or vertical).

To SAP2000 Version 20 program also has the option of exporting the system model and getting the analysis results.

When the walls are transferred to the SAP2000 program, they are transferred as membrane elements.

Improvements according to Eurocode6 and Eurocode8 regulations

General improvements made

News and Updates

V. realased

The program has been translated into 104 languages.

..Version Update (26.12.2017)

General improvements made

Version Update (27.09.2017)

General improvements made

1Version Update (20.08.2017)

Added ability to transfer all models to SAP2000

Fully shared automated analysis with SAP2000

Two way data transfer with SAP2000

The project can be transferred to SAP2000 automatically.

**Model can be edited in SAP2000

***SAP2000 analysis results can be imported to StatiCAD

Earthquake forces analysis and design analysis according to SAP2000 static results can be performed

Preparing the end element model to be transferred to the SAP2000 with the new 3D display screen

Moving, copying, multi-copying, symmetry retrieval operations of selected elements

Ability to give a common slope to selected elements on the storey with one command

Added analysis and design option according to TBDY 2016 (draft) regulation.

General improvements made


Version (05.06.2016)

 Analysis option according to Eurocode 8 and Eurocode6 Added 

6Version (17.062015)

Importing architectural drawing from AutoCAD dwg and dxf files as axis, wall, beam, column objects.

Giving Slope to objects in the storey.

New post-analysis reports

The structure can be printed in 3d image on reports.

Building floor plans can be displayed in reports

Added strenghtening drawings.